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Sequence analysis tool, pattern recognition, and sequence statistics

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Seqool is a free (for educational use) sequence analysis software designed primarily for searching biological signals in nucleic acid sequences. The sequence analysis program package provides several pattern recognition models, but it also includes the most common sequence analysis statistics, such as GC content, codon usage, etc.
Sequence analysis software
The Seqool sequence analysis software offers several pattern recognition methods for searching for biological signals, such as splice sites or user specific signals. Pattern recognition models include weight matrices (profiles), position specific score matrices, binding energy based signal search models (e.g. for snRNAs), maximum dependence decomposition models, profile hidden Markov models, and models scorring the composition of a sequence. Models can be combined using e.g. decision trees or neural networks in order to construct more refined models or for combining information from several models or sequence statistcs for a final classification of a signal.

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